Frequently Asked Questions

Party Plan

  • What is Party Plan?

    Party plan is a fun and exciting business model that best suits people that wish to be their own boss and work flexible hours. Consultants pay a small fee to join a party plan company and get access to all the business tools to get their new business started. Consultants make commissions on sales from organising and selling to groups in a fun home party demonstration format. To learn more about becoming a consultant download our Opportunity Brochure

  • What happens at a Party?

    The Consultant will arrive around 30 minutes before your guests. They will take some time to setup their demonstration, and explain what they will do during the evening. Once prepared and guests have arrived they will introduce them self and the vendors company. They then start the demonstration, which is always the most fun part of the night. This is followed by offering each guest the opportunity to purchase product. Click here to Book A Party.

  • Who is the Hostess?

    The hostess is the person that booked the party, and has invited her friends along for a night of fun and laughs. It can be at the hostesses own home, or one of her friends, it doesn’t matter. The hostess gets a number of discounts and FREE products for organising the evening. The hostess bonusess change often and are specific to a particular catalogue. Your Consultant will be able to provide you with the latest copy, but check out a recent example here Hostess Bonuses .

  • How do I host a Party?

    Hosting a party is very simple. First you need to book a date with a Consultant. If you don’t know a Consultant you can enter your details on the Book A Party page and we will have one contact you. Once your date is booked you need to txt, email, call, Facebook, and Tweet all your friends, family, neighbours, and work mates telling them to come along to your party. Remember to tell them there will be free products to try - the night will be a blast. Click here to Book A Party.

  • Who is the Consultant?

    The Consultant is the person that demonstrates the products. They will take your party booking, explain how it all works well in advance, check in with you to see if you have any questions closer to the time, and then run the demonstration on the night. To learn more about becoming a consultant download our Opportunity Brochure.

  • When will I receive my order?

    Following all orders being finalised and paid for - your goods will arrive typically within a week depending on the time of year and your location.

  • Are these New Zealand Products?

    Yes they are. We currently have 5 vendors and all are small New Zealand owned and operated businesses. We are excited that we can help a small New Zealand manufacturer quickly get their products demonstrated to thousands of new customers each and every month.

  • What if there is something wrong with my order or items?

    Then please let your Consultant know. We will do our best to fix any issues promptly and we welcome all feedback - good and bad.


  • How can I sell my products through Infectatious Party Plan?

    We are always hunting for more local manufacturers of products that would fit well with our team. We can assign a small group of consultants to your product or several hundred, as you gear up to handle the massive increase in sales that party plan offers. If you have a product or business that would benefit from a HUGE boost in sales, or you are looking to outsource your existing party plan management - we would love to hear from you. Email us today at